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Batia Tanenbaum

Shyann's preschool friend, Batia Tanenbaum, was inspired by a kindness card received at Shyann's Celebration of Life Service in 2005.  Batia made a flyer with the kindness card attached and asked for donations from individuals and local businesses and raised over $3,000 for the purchase of a water purification system for the tsunami victims in Sri Lanka.  As Batia presented the check to World Care, local television coverage told the story of how the friendship of two little girls was making a difference for so many others.

Stephanie Genteman

"I know you are not taking any more children on your case load, but you will love this family," said Donna.  "She is the cutest little girl you have ever seen, and I promise the mom Sandy will do everything you ask her to do." Donna Alverado was, and still is, the person you want to do favors for.  So after much thought, I told Donna that she could give my number to Sandy and put in the referral.

Never have I met such a gracious, dedicated family.  Time didn't matter.  Location didn't matter.  The only thing that mattered was Shyann.  I began seeing Shyann when she was in first grade.  She had just received a Vanguard communication device.  Sandy spent countless hours programming and placing pictures on the device in order to customize it to Shyann's needs.  Donna was right, Sandy would do whatever I asked, and truly seemed to "get it." Shyann and I worked together for four months before I received the call that she was in the hospital.  The day I went to visit her, she had died.

It was at Shyann's memorial service that I received the "Random Act of Kindness Card."  I knew I was supposed to do something with it, but I didn't know what that something was.  So I held onto it.  My friend, Susan O'Cain, and I had been thinking about starting an agency and holding a summer camp.  We had recently applied online for an LLC.  After receiving the "Random Act of Kindness Card," I approached Susan with the idea of dedicating our first summer camp to the memory of Shyann.  It didn't happen quickly, nor has it ever been easy, but we forge ahead each year because of the littlest angel, Shyann Rosati.  We are going on our third year of Liberty Center Summer Camp and each year is a little better.

Having known Shyann, even for such a short amount of time, was my greatest pleasure.  Over the years I have worked with hundreds of children.  Each one has touched my heart in a special way, but none has inspired me like Shyann.  I can honestly say that I am a better person for having known her.

Sandy Rosati

At the homeless feeding program where we brought our Kindness Gift-Giving Program, a little girl who had already received her gift package came over to talk to me.  Pointing to Glenn, she told me he was Shyann's dad.  I told her I was Shyann's mom, to which she replied, "you must miss her."  I told her I missed Shyann very much.

She came back a few minutes later and asked me to sign the back of her kindness card where she said she had written a message to Shyann.  I couldn't make out what the card said, but saw Glenn's name on it and asked if she wanted me to write my name or what Shyann called me.  She said she wanted me to write what Shyann called me, so I wrote "Mama" on the card.  She told me she was going to go read the card to Shyann's dad.

A few minutes later she came back and read the card to me.  It said, "Hi, my name is Nybol.  You don't know me, but your mom and dad miss you."  I told her with tears in my eyes that I was going to keep this card and would think of her every time I looked at it.  She said, "Don't think about me, think about Shyann."  To my answer of "I'm always thinking of Shyann," she replied, "Keep thinking about her."

I think everyone will understand if I don't pass along this very special kindness card.

Linda Johnson

Glenn enjoys using a kindness card to pay for the car in back of him when he goes thru the Starbucks drive-thru. He received this touching e-mail from Linda Johnson.

"I don't know where to begin, a good start would be thank you.  I was at Starbucks last week one day picking up some treats for my daughter, Alexis.  Alexis is 19 and had just had her hand broken the evening before due to an assault against her with a baseball bat by a group of drunken young men looking for trouble.  Fortunately for her, she had some male friends with her at the swimming pool they were swimming in and they went immediately to her aid.

I noticed this vehicle in front of me in the Starbucks line that read "Shysdad."  Of course I was trying to figure out exactly what this represented.  I soon found out as I pulled up to the window to pick up our goodies.  I was so profoundly touched.  I have shared what happened with many, and they too realize there are still good people and angels out there.

I keep the card with me at all times waiting for the appropriate moment, the one that tells you it is time to pass this gift along.

I thank you so very much.  God bless your beautiful daughter, Shyann, and her family as well.  Place your burdens in God's hands.  Shyann is needed to assist our God in ways we cannot even imagine.  I lost my fiancé two years ago in a freak car accident.  That is why I share the words mentioned above with you.  Continue your work, it is beautiful....God is standing beside you and at times He is carrying you." 

Linda has since contacted us asking for more kindness cards for her to use, which we are always happy to supply.

Trudy Haggard

An example of the power of kindness occurred recently when a large, specially chosen backpack was delivered to a 7th grader at a group home for abused and neglected children.  The young man had been needing a backpack for many months, and waited patiently, hoping that one would be found.  An excellent backpack was located, personally donated and chosen for him by a caring, anonymous person.  As it was hand delivered, I mentioned that a Shyann kindness card was inside, explaining the concept of passing on kindness anonymously.

The child stared thoughtfully at me for a moment, and gave me a huge hug and grin in appreciation for the kindness, and was excited for the chance to pass along another opportunity for caring.  As I see this child regularly, he continues to use the black backpack for summer swimming outings and other activities.  In the fall, he will use it for the heavy books from middle school.

He continues to help others whenever possible, and the warm hugs continue.  I have seen him share his belongings with those less fortunate.  That is what the power of one simple act of kindness can achieve.

Prince Elementary School Student Council

The Student Council at Prince Elementary School decided to do a spring service project as a way to pass on the kindness shown to them by The Shyann Kindness Project on March 6, 2008.  After brainstorming different ideas, the students voted to send care packages to US service men and women overseas.

While planning their collection, they discovered the son of a fourth grade teacher had recently been deployed to Iraq.  The teacher told the students the items that were most requested and needed.  The Student Council made posters and went to each classroom to explain their project and the items they would be collecting.

Staff and students brought in items such as snack foods, drink mixes, chapstick, hand sanitizer, stationary, etc. The students wrote letters to the service men and women and put them in the care packages along with a TSKP kindness card and sent them to Sergeant Rizzuto and his unit in Iraq.

Kara Barbarino

For her Confirmation project, Rosati family friend, Kara Barbarino, chose to pass on kindness in Shyann's memory to children in St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson, N.J.  Kara received great support from her school, church, and others, and collected enough items to put together kindness packages for 120 pediatric patients, each with a TSKP kindness card attached.  According to Kara, she felt it was a great way to honor Shyann's life and to spread the word about TSKP to the East Coast.

When she arrived on the pediatric floor and saw all the children in their rooms, Kara felt good inside knowing that her packages would be handed out to them to put a smile on their face and help get them through another day or another treatment.  She's also hoping that people realize it doesn't take much to be kind and help others.

St. Joseph's Hospital honored Kara with a "Champions for Children" certificate, along with a letter stating it hoped that it reminds her of all the kindness she passed on in Shyann's memory.  Sandy and Glenn Rosati were very touched by all of Kara's efforts in performing this very special act of kindness in Shyann's memory, and thanked Kara for being such a great example of someone who passes on kindness to others.






I am so very thankful for all of this stuff.  I never got as much stuff as this.  It made me feel like it was the best day ever!  You are the people who made me a better person today.  You have made a lot of kids happy just because you are loving people.  You are the best people I have ever met!  The surprises feel better than Christmas! ~ Jasmine

I am going to pass my kindness to my sister because she has cancer.  Also to one other person, my mom.  She helped me through everything like homework, going to the hospital and other stuff.  I learned that kindness is very special.  If you're kind to other people, they will be kind back, like the way you treat somebody else is the way you want to be treated. ~ Belen

I am writing to thank you for teaching us about kindness.  Something I will do is if somebody is being bullied, I will get the teacher that is nearest.  My favorite part about the assembly was when you taught us to be kind.  What I learned was that bullying is bad. This is why I wrote you. ~ Cynthia

Thank you for reminding us to be kind and choosing to come to our school.  You taught me to respect others on how they are different. ~ Celia

The loss of your daughter has taught me to care and to be kind not just to regular people but to people with any type of disease.  I think your daughter would love what you are doing.  This act of kindness can change people's lives.  I thought it was so nice of you to come when we were in pain and sorrow. ~ Quiriat

Thank you for the toys.  When you gave us all those toys you made me feel happy and kindness.  I really, really want you and the rest of them to come back to our school.  I am not excited about the toys, I'm happy about telling us kindness.  I would love if you can tell us more about kindness. ~ Valarie

I am writing to thank you for choosing Los Ninos for your act of kindness.  Your daughter would like how you show kindness.  I also learned how to accept others difference.  I'm sure your daughter would have liked kindness from other kids. ~ Abel

I want to tell you thank you about the gifts that you gave us.  Thank you for showing us how to be kind to people and that when you do nice things to people, they will do nice things to you.  The gifts were so amazing.  I hope you can come again so we can learn more about kindness. ~ Josue

Thanks for the cool gifts I got from you guys.  It was awesome.  Now I know to not be mean because it hurts people to be mean.  I will pass on the kindness. ~ Ella

I'm going to pass on kindness by smiling at everyone I see that's upset.  I'm also going to stand up for others.  I learned that you will get kindness back when you do something kind. ~ Angel


Thank you for your kindness.  I will be as nice as I can.  I learned that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.  The book you read to us was a really good story.  I will never be like those mean people in the book. ~  Miguel

I will help and be nice to others.  I will not be a bully to anyone in my entire life.  If my friends or I get bullied, I will stand up for me and my friends.  If they don't listen I will tell an adult or my mom.  I learned that it doesn't matter what color a person is.  What matters is who they are in the inside. ~ Clarissa

I really think I learned something today.  I will not bully anyone.  I learned that you don't bully anyone, even for their skin color and that we are all the same inside of us.  Because you look different it doesn't mean you are different. ~ Love

I will be kind every day I give you my promise.  I will not hang out with bullies and tell them that they shouldn't be fighting.  I will ask new kids if they want to play with me and be my friend.  I give you my promise. ~ Brianna

I really learned something today like kindness is the best policy.  I will never bully anyone.  Thank you for teaching us about kindness and for giving us all those great toys. ~ Ulises


I learned a lot of stuff about kindness.  I know how to stand up for myself and more importantly, others.  Thank you for everything you did.  Kindness rocks! ~ Summer


We are a Christian family of two adults and five children and sometimes we don't have enough to buy our kids toys or gifts or books.  Today my kids arrived home from Los Ranchitos Elementary and they were so happy and excited for the gifts they received today.  I just want to say what a blessing and to you The Shyann Foundation, THANK YOU.  We appreciate this act of kindness for our kids and other families too.  We know that Shyann is with the Lord, she's running, bouncing and jumping, doing cartwheels in heaven, and we feel so blessed from her.  Thank you so much and God may keep blessing the Shyann Foundation. ~ Maria Aguirre & Family


Today I took my five younger siblings and my two little neighbors to get school supplies.  My mother is a single parent and works as a caregiver so she has a hard time during the beginning of the school year to provide for all my siblings.  Your kindness has helped our family and Shyann's story has touched our hearts.  I want to thank you in behalf of all my family and my neighbor. ~Cristal


Thank you on behalf of my little girl who received a bag today at Homer Davis.  Thank you for blessing her with a kindness bag.  She was so happy when she got home.  A little about her, she has always done something nice for others.  I call her my "sweetie pie" because she's so sweet to others and helps them whenever she can.  But this has brightened her day!!  She was so excited about it.  Thank you so much!  I reminded her that she will need to pass on her kindness card and she knows exactly where it's needed.  We appreciate this bag for her and she is so grateful!  Thank you again.  We will pass on kindness as you have done unto her! :) ~ Mina's family

Follow up from Mina's mom:  Mina decided to share one of her dolls with her best friend.  She gave her the card along with it.  She was pretty excited to give a doll to her best friend.  She said she decided to give her a doll because she doesn't have many toys!!  She gave her the princess Barbie because it had a crown and wand since she likes princess stuff.


Thank you for coming to our school and giving us gifts.  It really meant a lot to us.  Everybody thinks of this school as a criminal's school and you showed us that not everyone feels the same about us.  I really appreciate that people come and visit us and get to know us and what kind of people we are.  My kindness will be by helping others in their struggles and difficult times in life.  I feel like you have passed down a lot of happiness to a lot of different people that you don't know like us. ~ Jose

Thank you for coming to our school to show us kindness and inspire us.  I realize I have been living a life with lots of anger that has come from every problem in my life.  I am kind to other people, yet I need to work on being kind to myself.  Please continue talking to teenagers about not bullying and respecting everyone. ~ Sydney

I'm not a very nice person, but you've inspired me to have a kinder heart.  Even small acts can make a difference to someone's life.  Thank you all for teaching me this.  I want to share kindness with everyone I meet. ~ Tasia

Your kindness impacted me by making me want to do things for others.  I would want to make others feel the way you made me feel when I received those gifts.  This project you have made me think of kindness a whole different way. ~ Alex

I really appreciate the kindness of you for spending time to help others even if you don't really know them.  That's a nice act from you!  I also wanted to tell you that everything you gave us really helped me.  I needed a backpack because someone stole it five months ago! ~ Marvin

I appreciate all the kindness you and your foundation showed toward us.  Just to let you know how much that means to me, I was sad all day and that made me happy again, thank you.  The kind things that you said are able to be done without even trying made me want to do more nice things.  I felt that I should be kinder to people from now on. ~ Angel

You have made an impact in my life already.  Hearing all those stories you shared with us makes me want to be a better person. ~ G

As soon as I got home, I took my bag of things that you kindly gave to everyone and I gave each of my friends something and my family just to make them happy.  I will try to do at least 5 kind things a day, it's my goal. ~ Rachel



Lisa Newsome

This would now be the 100th (or so) time I had heard "Gorp's Dream".  Gorp's Dream, a book about accepting those different from us, was a childhood bedtime story my little Mina had heard since she was about four months old.  Gorp's Dream was a book among others, given to her by Shyann Kindness while I was a teen mom, still in high school.  The group of "givers" showed up to our Teenage Parent Program room at my high school.  They came with boxes of clothing, shoes, feeding supplies, toys, books, and so much more-to give a group of mostly single, low or no income, teen parents.  You don't know the value of a pair of shoes until you are told that you cannot bring your child to school without them, with nothing in your wallet.

Everyone else in the high school was focused on the next football game, who was going where that weekend, and how on earth they were going to pass that chemistry class.  Meanwhile, I'm rummaging through boxes, thrilled.  That day I was given so much, I had enough clothes to last me the 0-9 month growth spurt phase.  Sandy Rosati, Shyann's mom and the co-founder of The Shyann Kindness Project, said "Take what you need, take as much as you want."  Who says that?  This woman didn't come with a gift basket or a box of diapers, she came with much more.  She said, "Take it all, read to your children, continue to be good mothers, and remember that kindness is free, so pass it on."  All she asked in return was for the other teen moms and I to be kind people.

Well, seven years passed by, fast.  I picked up my daughter from school one afternoon, and she got in my car as usual, but with a huge bag.  She was smiling from ear to ear.  I asked her, "What on earth do you have in there?"  She ignored my question and said, "Mom!  Shyann kindness read Gorp's Dream to us!  The book that we have!"  In that moment, I realized the bag was filled with gifts.  Seven years prior, my daughter had walked away with gifts from the same person.  Granted, it was no longer a onesie or a pack of bottles, she now had books that she could read, a barbie she could play with, and school supplies that she would be using throughout her school year.

Another year passed, and I'm covering a second grade teacher's maternity leave.  I tell the students that we are going to meet a group of people who work on a kindness project and that they are to be on their best behavior.  We walk into the room, seat the children as Mrs. Rosati walks out, she then introduces herself, and lo and behold, she begins by reading Gorp's Dream to our students.  The students are then gifted.  I could see it in the eyes of the children, how their hearts had been filled that day by a gesture of kindness.

I told Sandy my story that day, I thanked her and told her that her gift eight years ago was appreciated in ways that maybe she couldn't understand.  We cried together because even though it was our first time formally meeting each other, I had been a part of her life as she had been a part of mine.  At one time, when The Shyann Kindness Project was started, she gifted me.  Seven years later, she gifted my daughter, and even later, I'm watching her gift a group of 100 students, many of which probably felt in need of what she gave them the way I once did.  I can't believe after eight years The Shyann Kindness Project continues to pass on the love, the kind gestures, and the incredibly and contagiously beautiful personalities each volunteer carries with them.  We spend our lives trying to discover who we are, what we want to do, who we want to be.  Well, I hope I can be as giving and as compassionate as every member of The Shyann Kindness Project.  In the meantime, I'll be working on that one Kindness Card at a time.

Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, and the founders of this project, as you are now turning kindness, generation by generation.